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Kaiser Buns: Why Use This Bread For Your Outdoor Wedding

A kaiser bun — or roll — is a delicious and attractive style of bread you can find at your local bakery. If your outdoor wedding is featuring finger foods like sandwiches or requires a hardy bread as part of the main meal, you should consider giving the kaiser bun a try for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few reasons to have the kaiser bun featured at your wedding.

Kaiser buns are readily available

The kaiser bun is somewhat popular in lots of bakeries — both artisan in style and commercial in design — so you should be able to find this bun for your wedding needs easily. If you're going to do a bulk order, let the bakery you have in mind know in advance so they can prepare enough of the fresh buns with enough time to spare for the outdoor wedding.

Kaiser buns are hardy

The last thing you want at your wedding is a wimpy bun that crumbles apart or becomes soggy when it has butter or condiments spread on it. The kaiser roll or bun is known for its hardiness, so you can use this bread as a standalone addition to a bigger meal or as the sandwich bread for a more casual wedding meal. The roll will hold up under pressure, making it more ideal for different applications at your outdoor wedding.

Kaiser buns are decadent

Kaiser buns are surprisingly decadent in their style, making them not only a great classic bread to have at a wedding, but a pretty one as well. The way these buns or rolls are designed allows them to have a pretty star-like design, which adds glamour and class to your outdoor wedding meals when plated.

Use kaiser buns as a centerpiece for your outdoor wedding by placing the buns in a decadent bread bowl or have the buns placed on individual plates for added appeal. Either way you apply them, you'll be able to appreciate how pretty these buns actually are.

Kaiser buns are delicious

Kaiser buns or rolls are as delicious as they are pretty and durable, carrying a sweetness that makes them great for bread and butter accents at your wedding or for the main bread for a delicious spread. Since kaiser buns are not too sweet to be considered a dessert roll, you can serve this type of bread with nearly any type of food and have it be a success with every guest.